The Best Multimedia LCD PC Fits Every Corners at Home

How to let your wife cook at kitchen and also watch TV program or DVD film simultaneously? In the dining room, how can your father check the News and e-mails on the Internet when your kids are playing games in their bed rooms? How can you get more spaces and mobility without losing the standard PC's performance and convenience?

There is one simple and clean answer-V8171/ V8190 All-in-one PC Barebone.

Kick out those messy wires, annoying external devices and whatever shape of PC cases, V8171/ V8190 All-in-one PC barebone perfectly fits every corners at your home, Moreover, keep your home neat and clean as usual.

To connect PC to the consumer electronics world, V8171/ V8190 All-in-one PC barebone provides the function of playing TV, DVD, Video and Internet game, Hi-Fi audio and much more by equipping the SXGA LCD Panel, slim optical drive, latest card reader and powerful output speakers. Other considerate designs include the metal cases which keeps high specification systems in a heat-free & radiation-free environment; the tilt, VESA and optional touch panel provide users the various application possibility.




Powerful Performance

    Intel® P4 Socket 478 / 775 processor up to 3.X Ghz

    Standard DDR memory,

    17"/ 19" TFT SXGA high-resolution LCD display ( *detailed panel specification)

All-in-One Simpilicity
    latest card reader
    Interchangeable slim optical drive
    5 or more USB ports
    3.5" ATA / SATA high Capacity HDD
  Media Center Solution
    Full function PC system
    Complete home entertainment include Internet, Computer Games
      VCD/DVD,Hi-Fi Audio and Radio, and TV function
    High resolution LCD monitor
    5W X2 powerful output speakers
Upgrade Flexibility  

    Standard mATX mainboard

    Extension ability including 2x PCI / PCI EXPRESS riser cards
New Look on Desktop  

    Heat- free metal case

    Hardware control keys for monitor function

    Tilt: Up 15 degree; Down 3 degree;
    Standard VESA wall mount
  •  Touch panel optional  

    Physical Dimension: 535(W)X410(H)X115(D) mm w/base

    Barebone Weight: V8171: 9.2 Kg V8190: 9.8KG

    EMI Safety certificate including FCC (US), CE (EU), UL


Product Introduction

User's Manual

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